“What is the value of UX Research, and how do I apply the research effectively so that I can create, improve and maintain my website or digital product to the best standard possible?”

If you aim to create a good user experience for your website or digital product, it makes sense to know who your users are, what they need, and if those needs are being met. You also need to find out if your users can easily and effortlessly achieve the purpose of their visit. This requires research.

I say ‘user experience’ rather than ‘customer experience’ because the people that arrive at your website may or may not be your customers. Understanding your users isn’t always as obvious as you think, even if you are the business owner! Some businesses suffer with their ‘assumptions’ about their users more so than others.

UX Research is not limited to the goal of a great website or digital product. It can also be about understanding your users and customers so that you can make informed business decisions and therefore good business decisions.

There is much industry debate about what is UX, and as such there is a proliferation of information on the Internet, which is full of jargon and difficult to understand. In the coming months we aim to provide some clarity around the subject of UX for you and your business.

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