There are 101 ways to create a website for free out there on the world wide web but don’t get too carried away with the seductive sales pitch, many of these ‘solutions’ can be a proverbial nightmare both to set up and make changes to – no matter how insignificant they may seem.

Which ever way you cut it; any ‘out of the box’ solution is never going to be a substitute for a custom built site. Some of these services however, in the hands of a professional, can provide a good and flexible framework to work within or just add a few additional features like a blog or news stream. Lets face it in these times of austerity measures many organisations let alone individuals have the kind of budgets needed to get that new idea out there from the beginning. South can help you get up and running and test the waters of your target market for a minimal investment using some of the more well known tools available to us all.

But anyone can do that!

Yes, it’s true. We believe that all of us are capable of creating websites, but creating a good website? That’s a totally different question. Getting it installed, working just as you saw it in the demo – well, you may have discovered already, this isn’t so easy. We can help you register, host, install and set-up your site. No, it’s not a free service but we think that for a small fee having someone on hand to help you through the toughest bits is worth the hair on your head!

Don’t take our word for it.

“I work in IT and so am no stranger to servers and technology in general but recently in recovering a clients website from a catastrophic disk failure I turned to South for help. They were invaluable in providing me with a calm and friendly voice to help me work through the installation issues and database migration amongst other things. Don’t be fooled into thinking this stuff is easy – it’s only easy when you know where to look and what to look for!”
Mr M. Shah, IT Director.

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