Martin Houlden

South˚ has won the contract to develop a recruitment portal for the NHS.

The National Health Service is currently going through the fastest and most significant restructuring process in its history. The NHS needs to try and deliver the changes in an intelligent and highly efficient manner, and if not managed efficiently, there is a real risk that key staff could leave the organisation at considerable cost. Also, given the speed of change and uncertainty within the health service at the present time, there is a great deal of concern within the workforce which could result in a negative impact on morale and productivity.

NHSManchesterSo to avoid having to make redundancies and then re-employ skilled staff at even greater expense, NHS Manchester have selected South˚ as their partner to design and develop a staff management and recruitment portal which will greatly enhance the efforts of the internal HR team by matching skilled staff with alternative internal employment opportunities, at a fraction of the cost of using recruitment consultants.

Initially this project is being developed for a cluster of 5 PCTs within Greater Manchester, but with the anticipated annual savings being in excess of £1 million per PCT, per year! we’re confident that other PCTs will sign up once they’ve seen it.

This project is now in development, and we’ll be looking to launch it at the end of June / early July, so please check back soon.

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