Martin Houlden

Past winners of this rather dubious accolade include such cellulite-free ‘personalities’ as Felicity Kendal, Anneka Rice and (unbelievably) Su Pollard. Class! Of course in recent years PC has dictated that the competition awards men too, so I’m in good company with the likes of Russell Watson, Robbie Williams and Richard Fairbrass (neither of us too sexy for our shirts anymore).

So I was pleased that following a short training session on our Content Management System our latest client found our South CMS so easy to use that she proclaimed “Martin’s got the best backend I’ve ever seen”.

Ahem. I’d like to thank my manager, my family, the people that voted for me etc. etc.

So ok, the pedants among you will point out that the award those ‘celebs’ won related to their physical attributes, where as mine wasn’t an official award (in fact it was only said as a off-the-cuff remark) and was about a piece of software. But hey, at my age you have to take compliments wherever you can, and the worrying thing is that I probably take more pleasure from having a well built application, that simply from being ‘well built’.

So the lesson is simple, if you want to live ‘The Good Life’ than make sure editing your website isn’t a chore, and head over to the CMS demo area to try it out for yourself.

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