What are these?

OSS recently asked South˚ to work on creating a set of icons that would denote their business areas and fit in with the style previous icons already in place and compliment the brand.

OSS business icons

What do they denote?

These icons try to encompass these complex areas of the business without being too specific. In order the icons represent:

  • oil sales
  • oil collection
  • hazardous waste collection
  • parts washers
  • industrial services
  • fragmentation
  • environmental.

How will they be used?

They are to be used throughout merchandising, sales collateral and other avenues of communication including their website as a quick visual key to specific areas of the business. Working in conjunction with a more specific red icon set in a similar style which will denote, for instance, specific model parts washers or the schedule of waste collections.

I need to know this, why?

Well, we just wanted you to know that South˚ and  our team have created, worked within and developed brands of all levels. We work right the way down from the heady heights of brand values, right the way down to grass roots level.

So if you think South˚ is too big for your bedroom business or too small or your multi-national…

…think again, we work with both.

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